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“I have discovered Robyn during a period of very challenging career and family circumstances.  I was feeling lost, anxious, and unsure of how to proceed.  She empowered me to see things from a different perspective, and reminded me of the strength I possess to help see me through this incredibly difficult time.  Her advice and guidance are invaluable, and her empathy, candor and support have been just what I needed at this point in my career.”

Signed,  ‘Anonymous’ Ob/Gyn and Mom

Dr. Robyn is an extraordinary observer and she has a gift of targeting the root of my emotional sufferings within a short span of time. She is a good listener and offers great insights that open my heart and soul. Talking to her helps me understand my own situations and thus I am able to make better choices.

– Anonymous Physician

Returning client-

“I very much want to begin our coaching sessions again.  I found them so helpful, and they will be more needed now that I am returning to this work environment.”

Anonymous OB/Gyn

Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay is a compassionate, wise woman. A few weeks ago, in a time of distress, I reached out to her. She was willing to stay on the phone with me and hold space so that I could process some difficult emotions that were being held in my body. She allowed me to cry. She was present and didn’t try to fix anything. I have been working on the issues around these feelings for some time. Not often do I find someone that is able to validate where I am at the same time confronting my limiting beliefs and the story that I tell myself. Grateful for you.

K.B. in PA

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