Why I am befriending my inner bitch.  Hey all. For context, this is a personal story that is not intended to alienate my male colleagues. Rather, I tell my story to empower men and women to effect cultural change. We all need to pay attention. Especially now that CoVID 19 has revealed chasms between tetonic... Continue Reading →

I am Prickly

I took this photo over the weekend. This HUGE Saguaro cactus has been standing in front of San Xavier Mission in Tucson, AZ for literally centuries. A small deep hole in the ancient living being is home to a wren's nest. A place of new life, nurturing, coming and going - despite the prickly exterior... Continue Reading →


If you are thinking of trying coaching - DO IT! The first session is 50% off using the code FIRSTSTEP. If you are a returning client, you can use IAMLOVED for 30% off during the month of February. I look forward to hearing about your loves and loved ones. WHY COACHING? The future belongs to... Continue Reading →

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