Physician Shame

Warning: contains cursing Dear friends, especially my colleagues, I recently failed a class (I have been working on a PhD in psychology) and found myself immobilized and disengaged from life, personal happiness, and joy. I actually didn’t even tell my husband (who is my true confidant of my feeling and thoughts) until the following day.... Continue Reading →

Wise Friends

One thing I know is that I am so fortunate to have wise friends and mentors. I am also grateful to have been so enriched by my nurse friends! My good friend Valerie is a “retired” nurse who has been working in the non-profit world for many years now. She is an amazing human being... Continue Reading →

Why would a fifty-something MD start a PhD program in Clinical Psychology AND what does it have to do with this photo? After 25 plus years in medicine, the one thing I know to my core is that "LOVE HURTS" as the photo says. Love can hurt when our hearts are open; open hearted regarding our... Continue Reading →

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