Not a doctor?

No problem!! I would still love to connect with you and lift you up, no matter your profession! Most of my friends and family are not doctors. I always say – thank goodness! I live life just like anyone else. I have raised four children, had challenges in my career, in relationships, in finding happiness and fulfillment. One of the things I miss, miss, miss about clinical medicine is the one on one work with amazing and badass women professionals of all types.

Anyone can experience burnout or feel a lack of power in their life. All of us get stuck in fear that keeps us from our own potential. All of us struggle at times or have areas of life that are not as good as we would like. I coach nurses, NPs, PAs, midwives, pharmacists, PTs, OTs, Attorneys, Teachers, Bankers, business owners, executives, and stay at home moms. I promise you we are in this life together and I am no different. No tricks or schemes, I promise. I know I can help you.

If you are thinking about it…DO IT! You are beloved, competent, and worthy. You are enough! We just forget sometimes.

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