I am Prickly

I took this photo over the weekend. This HUGE Saguaro cactus has been standing in front of San Xavier Mission in Tucson, AZ for literally centuries. A small deep hole in the ancient living being is home to a wren's nest. A place of new life, nurturing, coming and going - despite the prickly exterior... Continue Reading →

Physician Shame Part 3

Vulnerability https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2019/02/she-was-dead-how-shame-almost-ruined-a-physicians-life.html Dear friends, especially my colleagues, My original post (or a least a version of it that did not include F words) was published several weeks ago now. Having written one 'good enough' post, I thought I would try my hand at a second story. Ever since, I have felt blocked, frozen, even constipated.... Continue Reading →

Physician Shame

Warning: contains cursing Dear friends, especially my colleagues, I recently failed a class (I have been working on a PhD in psychology) and found myself immobilized and disengaged from life, personal happiness, and joy. I actually didn’t even tell my husband (who is my true confidant of my feeling and thoughts) until the following day.... Continue Reading →

You Are Enough

Dear Healer, Pictured above is a simple Tibetan Buddhist monk taken at Stongdey Monastery in Zanskar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. I love this photo! Out of literally thousands of photos I’ve taken, this is my favorite from this year’s medical mission trip with Hands On Global, Inc. (http://www.handsonglobal.org). This man has been laughing and smiling... Continue Reading →

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