Why I am befriending my inner bitch.  Hey all. For context, this is a personal story that is not intended to alienate my male colleagues. Rather, I tell my story to empower men and women to effect cultural change. We all need to pay attention. Especially now that CoVID 19 has revealed chasms between tetonic... Continue Reading →

I’m a BITCH!

Hi friends. I wrote this today and thought of all of you (not that I think you're a b*tch!) with love. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. Hope someone who needs to read this finds it at the perfect and divine time! Let's Talk! Join Other Bitches Comments Befriending Your Inner BITCH... Continue Reading →

Hydroxychloroquine: PSA

The president just announced that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine and has said multiple times "What do you have to lose?" You have the risk of losing your life if you follow this proclamation by the president without the supervision of a physician. So far, the studies show NO difference between those that took the drug... Continue Reading →

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