If you are thinking of trying coaching - DO IT! The first session is 50% off using the code FIRSTSTEP. If you are a returning client, you can use IAMLOVED for 30% off during the month of February. I look forward to hearing about your loves and loved ones. WHY COACHING? The future belongs to... Continue Reading →

Physician Shame, Part 2

Physician Shame, Part 2 Shame is something that can be internalized and do great harm to the individual and the people they are in relationship with. The impact can be devastating, immobilizing, and self-destructive. As a recently retired Ob/Gyn turned coach for physicians, I hear from practicing physicians, residents, and medical students that have been... Continue Reading →

Wise Friends

One thing I know is that I am so fortunate to have wise friends and mentors. I am also grateful to have been so enriched by my nurse friends! My good friend Valerie is a “retired” nurse who has been working in the non-profit world for many years now. She is an amazing human being... Continue Reading →

Why would a fifty-something MD start a PhD program in Clinical Psychology AND what does it have to do with this photo? After 25 plus years in medicine, the one thing I know to my core is that "LOVE HURTS" as the photo says. Love can hurt when our hearts are open; open hearted regarding our... Continue Reading →

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