Hydroxychloroquine: PSA

The president just announced that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine and has said multiple times "What do you have to lose?" You have the risk of losing your life if you follow this proclamation by the president without the supervision of a physician. So far, the studies show NO difference between those that took the drug... Continue Reading →

I am Prickly

I took this photo over the weekend. This HUGE Saguaro cactus has been standing in front of San Xavier Mission in Tucson, AZ for literally centuries. A small deep hole in the ancient living being is home to a wren's nest. A place of new life, nurturing, coming and going - despite the prickly exterior... Continue Reading →

Physician Shame Part 3

Vulnerability https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2019/02/she-was-dead-how-shame-almost-ruined-a-physicians-life.html Dear friends, especially my colleagues, My original post (or a least a version of it that did not include F words) was published several weeks ago now. Having written one 'good enough' post, I thought I would try my hand at a second story. Ever since, I have felt blocked, frozen, even constipated.... Continue Reading →

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