Hydroxychloroquine: PSA

The president just announced that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine and has said multiple times “What do you have to lose?” You have the risk of losing your life if you follow this proclamation by the president without the supervision of a physician. So far, the studies show NO difference between those that took the drug and those that did not. In fact, there may be a risk-especially if combined with Azithromycin, and/or you are in a high-risk population. The risk is cardiac toxicity. Why would you take this if it can threaten your life and is proven ineffective at this time? First, do no harm- to yourself and your loved ones. The use of any medication without physician supervision is risky for your health.

Hydroxychloroquine for prevention has not been proven. Just knowing what I do about the drug and how it depresses the immune system, preventative Hydroxychloroquine may depress your immune system (a known drug effect- exactly the mechanism for treating hyper-immune illnesses like Lupus) exactly when you need it! At some point, if the virus is not fought off by the immune system, it appears that the viral load overwhelms the immune system and creates an overwhelming inflammatory response that leads to more severe infection symptoms and a higher risk of death from the CoVID 19.

The immune system remains a complicated system with mysteries still to be discovered! If you are healthy, you need your intact immune system to fight off the virus! In fact, current vaccines and vaccines under study are based on creating an immune response to fight and prevent illness. I know this can be confusing. It is confusing to me and I have a Medical Degree! Rest assured that researchers are furiously conducting studies based on good science.

Your personal physician is keeping up to date on this disease and can advise you best! I just felt compelled to educate so we all can make good decisions during this pandemic time when the information is confusing and politicized. STAY HOME, WASH YOUR HANDS, PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING, EAT WELL, SLEEP WELL, USE YOUR HEALTHY STRESS COPING MECHANISMS, STAY CONNECTED VIRTUALLY WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY. IF YOU GET ILL, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR PHYSICIAN!

This is not meant as medical advice. The opinion is mine alone. Please check with your doctor for any questions or illness. Reliable sources for information can be found at the CDC, your local health department, and your local hospital website and your local physician.

Healing love energy to all!

Medicine Buddha

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