Short Story for Working Moms

I was talking to a doctor friend who was at the end of her rope getting the kids to do schoolwork. We talked about how difficult and challenging parenting on top of everything else in these days of, pretty much, forced homeschooling. I can’t imagine how difficult this is! And, my heart ❤️ goes out to mamadocs and working moms. This would have been disaster to my last nerve if was me!

One of my main points when I give talks to working moms is that my four kids survived and are amazing young adult human beings. Amazing. I did my best and it wasn’t ideal many, many , many days of their childhood. YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST! AND, THEY WILL SURVIVE AND THRIVE!! When you are in the middle of it, it is hard to keep that perspective. I always tell my friends and clients to call me anytime they feel bad about their parenting…I can pick one of many stories of poor parenting and fuck ups that can make them feel better! Thus, my story…

This morning I realized my fur baby, fat cat named George, woke me up at 6:00 am yowling and banging the blinds next to the bed (so annoying) so I would feed him his 1/3 cup special diet food. I feed him, leave him chowing down (it is almost like he inhales it) and go back to bed hoping for more sleep. Well, it turns out he did the same “I want food!” yowling and banging of blinds, this time on my husband Mark’s side of the bed. I am sleeping soundly. He, sleepy eyed and mumbling dutifully gets up, measure out the 1/3 cup of special cat food and feed the damn cat, named George- Again! Of course we didn’t realize this until we were both up. Standing together, we looking at the very fat cat across the room, and crack up laughing . We had been had! “No wonder he’s so fat!” It was reminiscent of both our experiences of parenting and having the kids divide and conquer. If one parent says no, I’ll go the other one and get my way! Both of us took a moment to appreciate and send love to all the parents who think they are horrible and fucking up their kids. I mean REALLY, we can’t even be adequate parents to our damn cat! Lordy! We mused, wondering how hard it is for parents and marriages right now. Look at us, we been had by a cat. You have our sympathy and our love and prayers!!

If you feel bad about not being the perfect parent, while being the perfect doctor or other health professional, take a breath. Inhale to a count of 8 and exhale to a count of 10, repeat X 2 and smile because you have a friend who raised four kids and married into 11 bonus grandkids (who are all amazing human beings) that can’t even take care of a fat yellow cat! (Btw, he doesn’t want to do anything. I’m sure the kids are pulling that on you as well.) Much love friends ❤️ Contact me if you want a story! 🐈

George this morning

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