Bunching in Times of Crisis

I have hesitated to post, however my commitment to being of service and contributing to you has won.
The photo gives me Physician Moms Group (PMG) cred. My career as an OB/Gyn with 4 kids combined with the knowledge I have curated for a physician coaching practice gives me expertise. What I “know” in my heart gives me the wisdom to bring what gifts and expertise I have to my colleagues.

What I know is that we can take care of each other. Isolation kills.
Let us gather, or in elephant herd speak- let’s “bunch” to take care of each other.
Join me for OPEN AND FREE physician coaching at 6-7 pm ET each day M-F. I call it a gathering (a bunching?) Let’s gather together to support each other. As part of a community of 30+ women physician coaches- we say we are in this together- we are here for you. If weekdays don’t work for you, I have colleagues doing weekend gatherings.

Resources that I know of:


Empowering Women Physicians group also is offering free coaching. Dr. Sunny Smith

If you don’t want to join a group – reach out to any of of these amazing women who want to connect and love you up!

Physician Moms Group Educator

I have more hope than ever for women in medicine

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