If you are thinking of trying coaching – DO IT! The first session is 50% off using the code FIRSTSTEP. If you are a returning client, you can use IAMLOVED for 30% off during the month of February. I look forward to hearing about your loves and loved ones.


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Physician coaching and retreats are evidence-based innovations for fighting physician burnout, compassion fatigue, and, in many cases, work-related trauma. As a physician, we may form habits of disengagement, depersonalization, negative thinking, and unfulfillment in our careers and in our relationships (I know I did), yet have little time to address these issues. I don’t particularly like the word burnout, but as a physician who has been burned out and even suicidal, it does point to a particular set of experiences that the vast majority of physicians experience at one time or another in their careers. Our habits and the habits of those that taught us have been poor. I posit that there is nothing wrong with you, rather you have thinking patterns and certain ways of doing things that don’t serve you to have your best fulfilled life. Coaching is portable, time-efficient, and not reportable. After two years of doctoral study of humanistic, existential, transpersonal, and positive psychology, I can say that it borrows techniques, tools, distinctions, and theories from many schools of psychology and ontology (the study of being human and human beings), while building on individual strengths and uses experiential learning to create new habits and practices. You could look at it as undoing your negative and self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors through increased awareness and practice, practice, practice with newly discovered strategies and skills. Coaching is for those who seek a professional partner in designing and fulfilling a desired future and outcome.

Who are the kinds of doctors and professionals I partner with?

• Mama Docs who are balancing demands of life with the children, with a partner or spouse and career
• Partners or spouses of busy docs and want to support their partners, or communicate difficulties effectively
• Physicians in a professional crisis – such as personnel difficulties; failed exams and boards; fired or let go from a job; false accusations by patients or peers, disciplinary actions; breakdown in a relationship or relating to peers, attendings, partners, bosses, and administration, overwhelm of duties and demands of a healthcare system
• Physicians in transition, such as career, marriage, divorce, or retirement (Grandmama docs looking for “what’s next?”)
• Physicians who want to communicate and lead with confidence and skill
• Physicians who have lost joy in their practice of medicine
• Physicians that deal with anxiety, mental health maintenance, helplessness, difficulty with boundaries, or recovering perfectionists
• Physicians dealing with poor outcomes, patient loss, or traumatic events/memories
• Physicians who want assistance determining need or even finding the professional psychiatric or mental health professional in their area

What can you count on me for?

• Meeting you where you are (mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually) with presence and non-judgement
• Confidentiality, or anonymity if desired
• Giving honest feedback and observation
• Not diagnosing or submitting to insurance (although many times coaching can be submitted for professional development, if desired)
• Being on time! (or in communication when that is not possible)
• Knowing my scope of coaching practice and referring appropriately to needed professional, or a better coaching fit.
• Having connections with other doctors interested in assisting professionals in crisis in a discreet, confidential way.

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