Discerning The Voice of God

I will be in prayer this week. To take a month off to go to the Himalayas for the fourth year in a row, or not go. The journey is long, the air thin, but the people are family. It is hard to be called by HH 14th Dalai Lama and say “no”. Getting quiet to listen for the still voice within has led me to right and congruent choices that make life rich.


Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay

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  1. Hello Dr Alley-Hay,
    I just read your article on Kevin MD ” Should Physicians Lie When Asked These Questions?”. I must say I was moved by your honest admission of being essentially forced to lie to medical boards, administrators, etc. about past mental health issues, as well as your spot-on observation of the conflict of interest of PA programs that recommend treatment for which they are paid. Thank you for your openness and willingness to take the heat for daring to raise your voice, especially in a system constructed to punish those who do so. May you continue to listen for, and to hear, God’s small, quiet, yet infinitely powerful voice.

    Wayne Smith, MD
    S Weymouth, MA

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