Dear Friends and Healers

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If you are like me, the real life of being a doctor did not turn out the way you exactly expected. I had a dream of helping and healing people. It seemed pretty straightforward. . .

As an Obstetrician/Gynecologist right out of residency, my ex-husband (and physician partner) and I got fired from our first job. What? Being fresh out of residency, I could not believe doctors would refuse to see patients just because their bill was not paid in full! I know we were rather green, but we could not practice that way. So, we decided to open our own private practice and rolled the dice.

The practice was a huge success! I was living my dream. Pretty soon I closed my practice to new patients. I was so, so successful! Then, I started limiting the number of deliveries I would take in a month. My schedule, for me anyway, was way too busy. Success became the problem! How do you balance a life as a mother of four children with a successful and busy practice? How do you spend any time on your marriage if you both are either working or parenting? How do you maintain your health when you can’t even find time to get enough sleep, or cook a nutritious meal? Well, the answer I found was – “with difficulty and at a cost.” It cost my marriage, my family, my financial security, and my happiness. My dream turned into a nightmare. The long and the short of it is that to fail at making it all work put me on a seeker’s path – to living a fulfilled life as a healer.

Years later, after a time of fallowness, rest, and recovery, and followed by a reboot of sorts, I have learned to do less and listen more. My training included my own transformational change toward clarity of purpose, motivation, and values. The relationships in my life, including my patients and colleagues, are what I value most. My freedom to choose and create my life ongoingly is what lights me up. Through this process and formal training as a life coach, I have become an expert at not only finding my own happiness and balance, but also at leading others through their transformation and path to happiness, balance, freedom, and a fulfilled life. Is my life perfect? Well no, but I love my life because I am the one in charge! I have the tools to manifest and live my dreams and to be a useful human being on this planet helping others, especially my colleagues in medicine, to do the same. I invite you, dear healer, to have your own transformation and I will happily journey with you!

Blessings friends,


P.S. What areas of your life/career are not working, or not working as well as you would like? Please comment!

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  1. Thank You so much for your blog. It has touched my heart. I am a nurse with a lot of my own healing going on as well as the health I strive to bring to my patients. I got my MSN with a goal to be an NP. Now I am in my limbo mode, wondering if I really want that. I am attracted to studying psychology as well. I have looked into music therapy as a career change. I have a 9 year old daughter that I need to be a mother to. Your blog has really made a difference in my thinking. Thank You.

    1. Heidi, Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and to share your thoughts. Career transitions and balancing that career with being a mother and being healthy is challenging. Yet, I believe, from my experience, that it leads one to take off the usual blinders of what you can do with your education and training. My daughter was a lot of my impetus to do what I love and am passionate about. I do wish I had figured all this out 20 years ago! And, by the way, getting a MSN is not easy! I am sure there is a way for you to be a music therapy NP! You are probably very creative, so I have confidence that you can use that creativity to author your life. Blessings to you and your daughter. Robyn

  2. Healing an addict, divorcing an addict, parenting with an addict, riding the crazy train with an addict. I need a non co-dependent wakeup call, or escape plan.

  3. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! you are the most amazing teacher. I have been reviewing footage of our work in Zanskar and you teaching the 2 Zanskari nurses. WOW. great work!!!

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